As a child, Dr. Camhy has always been gifted with being clairvoyant (a sense of seeing) and clairsentient (a sense of feeling). She is able to see spirits, which some may refer to as ghosts. But what they really are, are energetic-light beings without a vessel, just as we are energetic light beings inside our bodies. Being clairsentient, Dr. Camhy is able to feel another person's exact location of pain or sensation, which have really come in handy these past 14 years of practicing as a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and quantum touch practitioner. Over the years, as she developed her spiritual connection, she was further gifted with clairaudience (a sense of hearing) and the latest one, which comes in more sporadic, clairsalience (a sense of smell). Dr. Camhy often uses a combination of her gifts to help her patients heal, whether it is due to trauma, ascension symptoms or energetic blockages.

Dr. Camhy's mission is to help heal and awaken as many people as she can! Make an appointment today and awaken to a more empowered YOU!